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NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri
NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri

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Tell Gov. Nixon to Raise the Standard of Care for Rape Victims!

Tell the Obama Administration Its Decision on Plan B® Is Unacceptable

End the Discrimination of Raped Servicewomen

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NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri opposes second parent notification for minors

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri voices opposition to increased restrictions on abortion

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Speaks Out Against 72-hour Abortion Waiting Period

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Access to Emergency Contraception

Every woman deserves a second chance at preventing unintended pregnancy.

If taken within 120 hours of unprotected intercourse, emergency contraception can reduce the risk of pregnancy significantly. This gives women a relatively short time frame in which to locate a pharmacy that carries it. Any delay and the chance of pregnancy increases: Emergency contraception is most effective when used within the first 24 hours following unprotected intercourse. In light of the inherent challenges to obtaining emergency contraception within the narrow window of opportunity and the proven merits of this contraceptive, it is critical that the barriers women confront when attempting to obtain this valuable and safe method are minimized.

CARE Facts
Analysis of H.B. 226
  // ANALYSIS OF H.B. 226
A Legislative Analysis of H.B. 1625
  // ANALYSIS OF H.B. 1625
Why is increased acces to Emergency Contraception (EC) beneficial?
//Every woman deserves a second chance at preventing unintended pregnancy. --Many women have difficulty obtaining ECPs in a timely manner ...
What is the difference between EC and RU-486?
 // Emergency contraception is not the same as mifepristone (RU 486). It does not cause abortion and will not work if ...
I have heard of EC...but is it safe?
 // Emergency Contraception (EC) is safe and effective. --Emergency contraception, also known as the “morning-after pill,” is an FDA- approved back-up ...

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