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Tell Gov. Nixon to Raise the Standard of Care for Rape Victims!

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NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri opposes second parent notification for minors

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri voices opposition to increased restrictions on abortion

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Speaks Out Against 72-hour Abortion Waiting Period

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Access to Abortion

The primary goal of those who oppose abortion is the overturn of Roe v. Wade. However, without control of the Supreme Court and unable to muster support for a constitutional ban on abortion, anti-choice forces have resorted to an incremental strategy.

Instead of a broad assault on the right to choose, they come at Roe from the fringes, enacting an ever-increasing number of state restrictions on a woman's right to choose and blocking access to abortion wherever and however they can. Waiting periods, informed consent requirements, bans on public funding, insurance prohibitions, unnecessary clinic regulations — these laws are not designed to protect women. Instead, they are designed to deter women from choosing abortion and to make it more difficult and burdensome to obtain for those that do.

Legal Analysis of S.B. 1146 (Adult Health Care Consent Act)
ANALYSIS OF S.B. 1146 (White, McCaherty, English, Davis) By Pamela L. Sumners, Esq., Executive Director The last provision of the bill states ...
Legal Analysis of H.B. 1307, H.B. 1313 (72-hour abortion waiting period)
ANALYSIS of H.B. 1307, 1313 (72-hour abortion waiting period) By Pamela L. Sumners, Esq., Executive Director If enacted, either of these identical ...
Legal Analysis of H.B. 1192 (Parental notification)
ANALYSIS OF H.B. 1192 By Pamela L. Sumners, Esq., Executive Director SUMMARY: NARAL opposes this bill, particularly its seven-day written parental notification ...
ANALYSIS OF S.B. 658 (2012) (Restricts Women’s Access to Medication)
ANALYSIS OF S.B. 658 (Rupp) Restricts Women’s Access to Medication Abortions  (significant amendment to current law on RU-486/Mifepristone/medication abortion) By Pamela ...
Ask Gov. Nixon to Veto SB65
//S.B.65 is a giant step toward a ban on abortion after 20 weeks -- and it is a significant intrusion ...
Memo on HB 28: Early Abortion Restrictions and Pharmacy Refusal (2011)
Talking Points for HCS HB 28 (Sater)Early Abortion Restrictions and Pharmacy RefusalEarly Abortion RestrictionsThe extreme provisions of this bill would ...
Pro-Choice Heroes
See who really voted AGAINST H.B. 213. All of the following representative are our pro-choice heroes:
Military Abortion Ban Update
The military abortion ban has been part of our history for far too long. As you may know though, the defense ...
Health-Care Reform and the Stupak Amendment
What is the Stupak Amendment?The Stupak Amendment is an anti-choice provision that has been included in the House's version of ...
Missouri Abortion Restricition Bill Only Worsens Effects of Intimate Partner Violence
Analysis of H.B. 46 & 434
Legislative Analysis of H.B. 570
Freedom of Choice Act
Legal Analysis of H.B. 1984
Legal Analysis of the Supreme Court's Federal Abortion Ban Decision

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