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NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri opposes second parent notification for minors

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri voices opposition to increased restrictions on abortion

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Speaks Out Against 72-hour Abortion Waiting Period

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Current Legislation


Pro-Choice Legislation Anti-Choice Legislation

Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies (C.A.R.E.) (2013)

"Let Women Die" Bill

"Selective" Abortions

Deregulates Deceptive Fake Clinics

Intrusive Abortion Reporting Requirements

Near-Ban on Medication Abortion

Restricts Women's Access to Medication Abortions

Tax Credits for Deceptive

Ultrasound Requirements

Pro-Choice Legislation:
Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies (C.A.R.E.) (2013)

Bill Number:  HB 518 [ view bill ]
Status:  2/11/2013 - Read Second Time (H)
Sponsor(s):  Newman (D-87)

The CARE Act requires that hospitals do the following:

1) Provide every sexual assault victim with medically accurate information about emergency contraception;

2) Orally inform each victim of her right to be provided emergency contraception at the hospital;

3) Provide the complete regimen of emergency contraception immediately if the victim requests it; and

4) Follow Department of Justice protocol for HIV/STI screening and prophylactic treatment.
Anti-Choice Legislation:
"Let Women Die" Bill

Bill Number:  SB 84 [ view bill ]
Status:  2/18/2013 - Hearing Conducted S Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
Sponsor(s):  Rupp (R-2)

Establishes the "conscience" rights of all individuals who provide health care services to not participate in certain medical services-- like abortion.

Similar to HB457 (Jones R-110)

"Selective" Abortions

Bill Number:  HB 386 [ view bill ]
Status:  3/06/2013 - Public Hearing Completed (H)
Sponsor(s):  McCaherty (R-97)

Establishes the Abortion Ban for Sex Selection and Genetic Abnormalities Act of 2013 to prohibit abortions for the purpose of sex selection or genetic abnormalities.
Deregulates Deceptive Fake Clinics

Bill Number:  HB31 [ view bill ]
Status:  2/26/2013 - Public Hearing Completed (H)
Sponsor(s):  Gatschenberger (R-108)

Establishes state preemption for the regulation of "alternatives to abortion agencies"/ "Crisis Pregnancy Centers."

Same as SB50 (Wallingford R-27)

Intrusive Abortion Reporting Requirements

Bill Number:  SB 318 [ view bill ]
Status:  2/28/2013 - Second Read and Referred S Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
Sponsor(s):  Rupp (R-2)

Would require abortion providers to gather information including the reason a woman sought the abortion and whether the woman used any method of contraception-- specifically, what method she used.

Near-Ban on Medication Abortion

Bill Number:  HB177 [ view bill ]
Status:  2/27/2013 - Public Hearing Completed (H)
Sponsor(s):  Koenig (R-99)

Enacts provisions regarding safety procedures for the use of abortion-inducing drugs. Drastically increases restrictions on Medication abortion (RE-486) and restricts access to women.
Restricts Women's Access to Medication Abortions

Bill Number:  SB 175 [ view bill ]
Status:  2/18/2013 - Hearing Conducted S Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
Sponsor(s):  Wallingford (R-27)

This bill contains dangerous new language that makes it the counterpart to HB 177, Rep. Koenig's proposed Abortion-Inducing Drugs Safety Act.

Same as HB 400 (Riddle R-49).


Tax Credits for Deceptive

Bill Number:  HB 87 [ view bill ]
Status:  2/20/2013 - Second read and referred: Senate Jobs, Economic Development, and Local Government(S)
Sponsor(s):  Bulison (R-133)

Under current law, the provisions of law authorizing a tax credit for contributions to pregnancy resource centers expired on August 28, 2012.

This bill would renew tax credits for so-called "crisis pregnancy resource centers." Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC's) do not provide medical care, though they deceptively advertise themselves as medical providers. They are anti-choice organizations that intentionally deceive vulnerable women by masquerading as full-service "pregnancy centers." Women deserve to know what kind of clinic they are walking into and they deserve to be educated about the full range of reproductive options. Missouri taxpayers should not be forced to fund these tricky anti-choice operations any longer.

Related bills: 
HB 288 (McCaherty-97) Removes the sunset of tax credits for CPCs.
HCS SS SCS SBs 20,15 & 19 Modifies provisions related to "benevolent" tax credits.
SB 163 (Kraus-8) Reauthorizes "benevolent" tax credits.
Ultrasound Requirements

Bill Number:  SB 393 [ view bill ]
Status:  2/27/2013 - S First Read--SB 393-Libla and Emery
Sponsor(s):  Libla (R-25) and Emery (R-31)

Requires an ultrasound to be conducted and reviewed with the pregnant woman prior to the 24-hour waiting period for an abortion.

Same as HB 298 (English-68)


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